The Chromosom


The Chromosome reminds you so much of our “Il Solitario” grill because it’s the same grill in chrome, Sherlock.

It’s actually a style question: Il Solitario‘s 18-carat gold, or Chromosome’s mouth resistant surgeon’s steel?
Granted, 18-carat gold sounds sexier at first, but just look at our Chromosome properly. Go on, make it full screen.

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We love the Chromosome just as much as our most elaborate Grillz. For us, the Chromosome is much more than a single cap.

We see highly polished craftsmanship that comes across as minimalist-stylish and presents itself anew with every smile.

Our “Loner”- Grill, the Il Solitario, is just like the Chromosome, only made of 18-carat gold.


Metal Gear 2

Our mouth resistant surgical steel used in all our Chrome Grillz does not contain silver, nickel, copper or zinc. Thus, there is no possibility of allergies occurring or stubborn discoloration occurring over time. The metal offers a polished silver look, is super durable, and wears like a second skin.

Just like our gold Grillz, the chrome alloy is compatible with Colorit colors.

Your Grillz are always made and final inspected by our certified master dental technician.

Right of withdrawal

According to §321g Abs. 2 Nr. 1 BGB there is no right of withdrawal, because your Grillz are made especially for you.
However, we are happy to make corrections if your grill does not fit perfectly.
Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

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