The backbone of the night


“The backbone of the night” – that’s what African !Kung bushmen call the Milky Way, and it’s hard to find a more beautiful description.

Our grill version of the Milky Way is not made of millions of stars, but of mouth-resistant surgeon’s steel. That’s less romantic, but more practical.
However, upon request, we can decorate the Milky Way with “stars” in the form of diamonds.

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The backbone of the night extends over five teeth, with the two outer ones being “French windows”, giving the Milky Way its support.
The grill can, of course, be lengthened or shortened, colored or further refined upon request. The sky is the limit.
Our gold grill, “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, for example, extends over six teeth in the upper jaw, but is otherwise the same grill, just made of 18-carat gold.

Metal Gear 2

Our mouth-resistant surgical steel used in all our Chrome Grillz contains no silver, nickel, copper or zinc. So there’s no chance of allergies occurring, or stubborn discoloration over time. The metal offers a polished silver look, is super durable, and wears like a second skin.

Just like our gold Grillz, the chrome alloy is compatible with Colorit colors.

Your Grillz are always made and final inspected by our certified master dental technician.


Laut §321g Abs. 2 Nr. 1 BGB besteht kein Widerrufsrecht, da deine Grillz speziell für dich angefertigt werden.
Wir nehmen aber gerne Korrekturen vor, sollte dein Grill nicht optimal passen.
Schreib uns dazu einfach eine Mail an, dann helfen wir dir gerne weiter.

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