Il Solitario

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“The Loner” is the little brother of KritzKratz. and definitely one of our most popular Grillz.
He offers an easy entry into the Grillz world and a super smooth fit.

The Single Cap is made of 18-carat dental gold alloy and goes through the same quality control as our PrimeTime Grill, for example.

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Il Solitario – The Loner

“The Loner” is ideal for those who would like to try Grillz, but don’t want a mouthful of gold right away, or obliterate their bank account.

Sympathetic, calm and collected, this is how Il Solitario comes across. But somehow also young. a little introvert, yet curious. He is the little brother of KritzKratz.
Our customers often start their entry into the Grillz world with the Il Solitario and “dock” the KritzKratz later.
Damble, our customer who you can also see in the gallery above, did it this way, for example. He gave both brothers a friendly home.

PrimeGrillz-Gold Grillz-Il-Solitario-P4
Our customer, Damble, with the Il Solitario, to which he later docked the Kritz-Kratz.

In any case, despite his elegant simplicity, nothing about Il Solitario is cheap. The gold in this single cap is of the same premium quality as that in our most elaborate Grillz.

18-Karat and counting – Love it, Wear it, Sell it

All our gold Grillz are made exclusively from 18 carat dental gold alloy. This provides the best possible oral durability and quality.
The high quality makes our Grillz a bit more expensive than some other suppliers, because quality just has its price.
We do not offer cheaper gold Grillz, which are based on chrome-cobalt and are only “gold-plated” with a very thin layer of gold.

If a scratch gets into the Grill, you can quickly see that the Grill is not really made of gold. Our gold Grillz are gold through and through and so the price difference comes about because 100% gold is just more expensive than 1%.
And yes, Grillz are expensive, but also bear in mind that the gold used is valuable. If at some point you no longer like your Grill, you can sell the gold, just like gold earrings or a gold chain.

No nickel, copper or zinc is mixed into our gold, so no allergies can occur. The high quality of the metal guarantees a very good wearing comfort.

Green Gold

The gold itself is sourced from the traditional high-tech company C.Hafner in Germany. The company has been in business since 1850 and is known for its top quality precious metals. Besides, C.Hafner is the first and so far the only refinery with CO2-neutral recycling process and CO2-neutral gold.
The gold alloy used is compatible with Colorit colors, so you can make your Grillz colorful.

Your Grillz are always made and final checked by our certified master dental technician.

Right of withdrawal

According to §321g Abs. 2 Nr. 1 BGB there is no right of withdrawal, because your Grillz are made especially for you.
However, we are happy to make corrections if your grill does not fit perfectly.
Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

18-Karat Gold

GelbGold, WeissGold

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