Carte poștală din Transilvania


The Voodoo Priestess has received mail. From Transylvania.
“Carte Poștală din Transilvania”.

There is a reason why this Grill is one of our TopSeller. And one of our favorites.

Love greetings in postcard format from Transylvania, where the blood just shoots out of throats.

A legendary place, embraced by a legendary story.

“Carte Poștală din Transilvania…” in Chrome, and alongside a black cape… quite the legend.

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Carte Poștală din Transilvania


–> Mouth-resistant surgeon’s steel, which feels especially good on carotid arteries.
–> Blood residue can be easily removed from the Grill with a little water and toothpaste.
–> Neutral in taste

Whether for biting, or just as a tooth ornament, the simplicity of this Grill is so sexy, it fits into any scenario.

Metal Gear 2

Our mouth-resistant surgical steel used in all our Chrome Grillz contains no silver, nickel, copper or zinc. So there’s no chance of allergies occurring, or stubborn discoloration over time. The metal offers a polished silver look, is super durable, and wears like a second skin.

Just like our gold Grillz, the chrome alloy is compatible with Colorit colors.

Your Grillz are always made and final inspected by our certified master dental technician.

Right of withdrawal

According to §321g Abs. 2 Nr. 1 BGB there is no right of withdrawal, because your Grillz are made especially for you.
However, we are happy to make corrections if your grill does not fit perfectly.
Just send us an email to and we will be happy to help you.

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